it's been a wild ride to become the woman I am today...


My parents are OG thought leaders and badass, kind visionaries. We travelled all over the world while they taught thousands about finding spiritual growth in the modern world.​

When I was in elementary school, we even lived in a giant Buddhist monastery. It was an adventure to say the least!​

Our adventures taught me three things:

1. We humans are all more alike than different

2. Love conquers all

3. I had a direct calling to educate and empower

fast forward...


I'd won this bad boy.

I had chosen to become a TV news journalist to educate and inspire change throughout the world.

My stories were seen around the world on every major network. And I learned something during this time that would stick with me forever:

That which is most personal is most universal;

and storytelling is what ties humanity.

It was an amazing ride! I covered everything from the White House to wildfires.

but - then I got sick...

really sick.



It took FIVE long, painful years to finally get that diagnosis.

The stress of my job. The demands. They were all too much. My body had been trying to tell me for awhile this wasn't working. But I was so scared to lose that identity. Like who was I if not this rising star? Did I matter?

It was time for me to evolve.

This career wasn't in my highest alignment anymore and I knew it. More importantly, my body knew it. So the Universe did me a favor... my body broke up with me.

Getting Lyme was one of the greatest gifts of my life. It took five more long years to finally call my body safe and healthy again.

In that time, my life came into focus.

And that focus had changed.

After being pitched almost 25 times a day for more than 10 years...


I knew two things:

1. Everyone has an amazing story

2. Almost no one knows how to sell it 

So I started a media consulting company to change that.


I help soul driven entrepreneurs like you harness your deepest voice, create authentic content and massive media visibility. 

Together... we can bring a new wave of healing consciousness to the world.

We are the leaders called to something greater.

We are the movement makers.

The paradigm shifters. The revolutionaries of heart and soul.

We are bold and brilliant and brave.

Together, we are changing the world.

Who are you if not the same? Won’t you join us?

Interested in working with me?

I would love to hear from you!